Ženja Fokin's dress took 16 meters of fabric

Some days ago you could see stylist and TV-host Ženja Fokin climbing on the window of Tallinna Kaubamaja, what was he doing?

Ženja sporting a summery glow told Buduaar about his newest project:

"My first cutiepie is ready, which I designed myself and I have spent the weekend at a studio with very hard-working seamstress-constructors. This work is meant to start of the new Colgate Max White one whitening toothpaste on the 3-meter window of Tallinna Kaubamaja beauty department, with keywords glamour, sparkle and beauty! My inspiration could run wild thanks to Kangadzungel, whose enormous selection enabled me to find the suitable tools and the dress took 16 meters of fabric!" 

Has Ženja thought about a new career as a fashion designer?

"Definitely not, I am too impatient and styling enables me to see the result immediately, but design and production takes more time! But I am always up for new challenges!"

Ženja's dress can be seen on the Tallinna Kaubamaja window from the beginning of this week.


Source: http://buduaar.ee/Article/Article/32172//