Kangadzungel OUTLET

XXL KangaDzungel II floor
Tartu mnt 35, Tallinn

Mon-Fri 9-19
Saturday 9-17
Sunday Closed



XXL KangaDzungel customers can park 30 minutes FOR FREE in front of the building when registering their license plate. 
For free parking, please register your license plate iin the computer near the store entrance.

User guide for mobile parking for Telia, Tele2 and Elisa customers:

  • Send an SMS to 1902 (Telia, TELE2, Elisa)
  • Zone EP17
  • SMS must contain: license plate, space, zone (e.g. 111abc EP17)
  • You will receive a reply "parkimine alustatud" (in Eng: parking initiated)
  • To finish parking, call 1903 (Telia, TELE2, Elisa)


  • 0.8 € / 30 min
  • 9.6 €/ 24 h (mobile 24h parking will be ended automatically after 24h according to maximum 24h fee)
  • Mobile parking fee is calculated for every 30 minutes.