Kangadzungel XXL

Ma-Pe 9-19
La 9-17
Su - suljettu

Kangasosasto: +372 56658994
Käsityöosasto: +372 56501120

Tartu mnt 35, Tallinn, 10128, Viro

Parking information

Parking zone is EP17

Kangadzungel parking information

Free parking for 30 min ,parking need register inside. register your gar number .


In parking plase have parking automat if you no have mobile parking bossibilities or need longer time for a parking.


User guide for mobile parking for Telia, Tele2 and Elisa customers by tariffs parking zone EP17 Tallinn:

  • Send an SMS to 1902 (Telia, TELE2, Elisa)
  • SMS must contain: license plate, space, zone (e.g. 111abc EP17)
  • You will receive a reply "parkimine alustatud" (in Eng: parking initiated)
  • To finish parking, call 1903 (Telia, TELE2, Elisa)