Chiffon, gray, width: 1.50m

Chiffon, gray, width: 1.50m Chiffon, gray, width: 1.50m
* Fabrics can be ordered in 10cm increments. The minimum order is 0.5m. It is also possible to order samples of fabrics if desired.
The size of the fabric samples is about 10x10 cm.
The price of the samples is 1 euro / piece, they are sent to the customer by regular mail.
To order a sample, send an e-mail with the full name of the fabric to epoetellimused@kangadzungel.ee
* Maintenance:

Product details

Clothing fabrics: Product type Chiffon
Item code 546946/1 LM
Width (m) 1,50 m
Ingredients Polyester / PES
Usage Clothing fabric
Care instructions Recommended professional textile care
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Actual color of the item can differ from the images on the screen.
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Chiffon, gray, width: 1.50m
Price: 18,50
4,63 €/m
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