Customer card

KliendikaartInfo about the customer card:

  • Customer card costs 5 €
  • Customer card is available in all Kangadzungel stores and the discount is applicable immediately
  • When ordering the customer card from our website, a shipping fee is added to the cost - 0.75€ in Estonia/1.50€ in Finland
  • The customer card is valid indefinitely
  • Special offers for customer card owners
  • The customer card is not personal
  • All full priced products in stores -20%
  • Customer card discount does not apply to campaign prices.

When ordering the customer card online, the invoice is sent to your e-mail. The payment can be done based on the invoice to OÜ Kangadzungel account. Please be sure to add the invoice number in your payment description. 

The customer card will be shipped to you as regular mail in 3 working days after receipt of payment to Kangadzungel OÜ account. Kangadzungel has the right to cancel orders, which have not been paid for in 2 days.

Order customer card